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Laugh more – it’s good for you!

for every 15 seconds that you laugh, it adds 2 years to your life!

This photo was taken on a movie we were working on that happened to have a scene in the Men’s bathroom. I’m not really promoting bathroom humor, lol, just the fact that it’s a wonderful thing to see smiles on so many faces.

Anyway, back to the facts…pretty cool, huh?  🙂

So wait. Every time you laugh for 15 seconds it adds another 2 days to your life? Just think about that – wow!

My husband didn’t believe me about this, lol, but tstudies performed at the University of Chicago showed that when a person has a great sense of humor, it can add 8 years to their life. (And btw, I’m not just glorying in the fact that he was wrong, I would never do that. Ok, well maybe not! Jk!) 


Life is better

when you’re



And did you know that if you laugh 15 minutes, it equals 2 hours of sleep, in terms of the healthy boost it gives to the body? Yep, cool 🙂

Besides all that, stress hormones drop, we feel better inside and out, blood pressure drops, the heart, endorphins release and numerous ailments improve.

Another thing to love and write home about…did you know a 15 second hard belly laugh can tighten your stomach and also burn off 1 calorie per minute??? Or that laughing 100 times equals 10 minutes of rowing?

Another study performed by German Psychologist, Dr. Michael Titze, showed that people in the 1950’s laughed an average of 18 minutes a day…and sadly that # has changed. Today, it’s down to 4 – 6 minutes a day–oh yikes, ugh! :(..

hmmm, so WHY are we so serious???? And why don’t we just laugh more???? Isn’t it a good time to change that? …


We just need a very easy subject to start with – hmmmmm, that’s actually a lot easier than it seems. How about we start and just laugh at ourselves, first. Admit it, we all do less than brilliant things all of the time–wouldn’t the world be a much brighter place if we just broke out laughing at all the ridiculous things we do every day?!! And think of what a huge relief it would be too.

Anyone game?

If so, please share your commitment to laugh more, or better yet, share a favorite joke, a funny story, or whatever you want that brings a smile to your face! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say 🙂

You guys are the best — now go laugh and you’ll be even better, lol! Love you! <3


Laurie & Tiffany

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  1. destiny
    destiny says:

    gosh- growing up, my dad laughed at my mistakes a lot and it made me feel put down. But one day I thought I’d laugh with him… so much better! Wanna know what I did? My younger brother did something stupid, and my dad claimed he had “brain damage”
    “Dad,” I said with an eye roll “If everyone thought the same, people like Thomas Jefferson wouldn’t have invented the light bulb”
    he turned to me- “Thomas JEFFERSON?” and he waved at me and exclaimed- “Brain damage!!!” once I realized what i had just said I burst out laughing. 🙂 Love your guys’s blog- I have RA too. I wanna try this out- if my dad doesn’t laugh at me for “going obsessively green” eye roll- whatever 😉

    • Laurie Vukich
      Laurie Vukich says:

      You are SO CUTE!! Thanks so much for sharing your story, and we can totally relate, lol! 🙂 And good for you, keep up the green thinking, it is SO worth it. Seriously, we believe it makes a HUGE difference as it has for us, but we hear from so many viewers constantly, sharing their similar testimonies and experiences. Keep us posted, we’re here, rooting for you all the way! xo


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