Life as a Makeup Artist: Filming a Feature in Boston

Life of a Makeup Artist: Filming a feature in Boston


Ohhhhh wow. I’m working on a feature still, called “Out of the Dust”. It’s been a blast, which makes the hours and all night shoots do-able! We’re all having a hard time flipping over our schedule, can’t say I’ve ever loved all nighters, ugh!

This picture was taken by one of my cute assistants as we were filming in a tiny little cottage.

Luckily we’ve had a wonderful cast & crew that have become just like family. We’re scheduled to wrap on this one next Thursday, and it will be sad to say goodbye to our little gang. I remember my first big feature, I was literally sobbing when it came to saying goodbyes. Then the fun thing was I ended up working with so many of them again and again. It’s weird tho, cuz with each show, you get such a great synergy, so it’s kind of a bittersweet thing when it comes to an end.

The director wrote this film with sequels in mind, so who knows, maybe we’ll be back again after all. I wouldn’t mind it at all.

I’ve had some challenges with makeup and hair on this one, but I love them, cuz it pushes my skills. I’ve had 2 actors they replaced, so I had to make them look identical to the previous cast. It worked out great, but was a little exciting to figure out how to get there without time for prosthetics or anything. We even got desperate for a hair match and rigged ringlets out of crepe wool!

We’ve filmed most of this show in Boston, and are now filming in Utah, so we’ve gone from pure humidity to absolute dryness. It’s made hair work a little exciting!

We also had 3 main unit segments on this film and did pieces in the fall, winter, and now summer. So matching everything has been a task, plus it’s an 1820’s period, so that’s longer guy hair and facial hair cut into the look of the period.

We’ve had a few effects on this show…I got to do a swollen thumb and a little blood, some babies being birthed, some sick people, lots of added facial hair and wigs. Funny, but I actually love all that! =) Am I warped or what? haha!!

Anyway, I’m really tired, so posts have been spotty, but I’ll be back before too long! And here I go, off for another night!! See ya soon…

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