lifes laughs - makeup behind the scenes in Atlanta

Life’s Laughs! Atlanta or bust…


You can’t ever take yourself too seriously–see how we prove that to be true, ahhem, as Tiffany shares our latest work venture together. Even the fish may never be the same… 🙂

And here are some pics of our week…


This was our friend, the Marta, taking us to our hotel downtown. What I really wish I had was  a full-on video of hen we tried to get off of it, during rush hour of course. We got jammed in the doorways, trying to exorcise ourselves from that train. When everyone saw the panic in our eyes as we struggled to get out with bags in tact, about 6 guys dove in and literally helped us give birth to our luggage and get ourselves off the train just in time! The doors closed with a whoosh and off she went. Once we caught our breath, it dawned on us that we had survived. We burst into hysterics, and so did the other lucky survivors of the ordeal! We’re happy we could provide the entertainment of the day!

Life's Laughs

This was the view outside our hotel room window. A funny thing happened on the last day of our shoot. The hotel had 76 floors and the elevators were really confusing as half of them took guests to half of the floors and the rest took guests to the other half, and you always have to use your key to select the floor you need. But on the last day, there was an elevator attendant and it made the elevator experience a breeze. Tiffany happily told the attendant that it was so nice having him there. He said he had to because a couple of their elevators went down. She gasped and said,”Oh no! Did any people get hurt?” Of course, we all got a good stomach workout from laughing.

We’ve been working for True Value every 6 months on different shoots, which we love. One night, they always have a big party, and this one was at the Aquarium, which we loved. These pictures were at their Olympic park as we walked to the Aquarium.

Life's Laughs

And my black eye is still there! See my last “Life’s Laughs” post to see what happened, it’s actually a pretty funny story.

Life's Laughs

And no, TIffany hasn’t grown 2 heads– you’ve gotta love our photo bomber friend

Life's Laughs

Inside the aquarium…Life's Laughs

and the show goes on…

Life's Laughs

Our makeup & hair chamber, getting better every shoot, we loved it!

Our trip up to the top of our hotel. They have telescopes up there so you can see the city….but Tiffany had more fun being a creeper, determined to find a crime scene and  to save the day.

We hope you enjoyed our journey and had a laugh or two on us! Have a wonderful week, and share your funny insights, stories, or thoughts, or what made you laugh as you went through this post. Remember, laughter is the best medicine to get you through life!


Laurie & Tiffany

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