mac fix plus hydrating spray

MAC Fix+ Dupe, DIY in 2 minutes! mac fix plus hydrating spray

click PIN IT! MAC Fix+ Dupe in 2 minutes! -and that’s if you’re slow…you’ll love this easy DIY recipe! 🙂

get link If you like soft, moist skin with softened lines and healthy brightness, you may have wanted to grab MAC Fix+. BUT!!!! We have a perfect and a simple replacement for you, and not only is this MAC Fix+ Dupe easy, eco-cheap, but also 100% natural and completely non-toxic as well.

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It’s super simple, takes less than 2 minutes to make and NO, we’re not gearing up for a water fight, lol, but for more hydration than your skin has ever experienced on a daily basis.

here mac fix plus hydrating spray

dissertation zurГјckziehen This is actually something we’ve used for years to help rejuvenate dry, dull, or damaged skin on our actors. And personally, we’ve used it on ourselves even longer.

definition of hero essay Even before we became focused on all things safe, natural and organic, we made this spritz and applied it to our actors’ skin after removing SFX makeup like latex or prosthetics to help speed up their skin recovery time.

doxycycline monohydrate canada So I think this little dupe we’re going to share is about to rock your sweet little world. That’s our goal anyway. 🙂

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NOTE: As always, we like to help make that transition to healthy much easier and simple…so we’ve searched to find the best deals on quality organic ingredients for GREAT DEALS and found this ORGANIC MARKET that give you the freshest & finest ingredients at prices no one else has been able to beat! We love what they are doing and have set up as affiliates with them. So as you shop, just smile about the savings & especially the extra health benefits you’ll be getting! K, here goes: MAC Fix+ Dupe in 2 minutes! 1 part pure vegetable glycerine
3 parts pure rosewater
3 drops essential oils of choice – refer to WHICH ESSENTIAL OILS ARE BEST TO IMPROVE THE SKIN to know which oils will work best for your own skin needs.

follow site We usually use a little spritzer container, so this is the formula we use. If you use a different size spritzer bottle, you’ll need to adjust the formula. Also, if your skin is oily, it would be best to cut the glycerine by half.

Just pour the ingredients together and shake before use.

It can be used morning and night, especially in drier climates. I use 2 spritzes at night, over my hydrating lotion, and another spritz in the morning before applying makeup. It could be applied over makeup, but I feel like it makes the skin too glossy and works better under foundation to smooth it out.

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source To your ultimate health & beauty–take care of yourself naturally! We love YOU!!

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