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Love to Run?!

Ok, true confessions here. I really don’t love to run.

Whew, I said it. But I really don’t. Tiffany is a gifted runner and she and her older brother have always had this crazy love to run, which is actually super awesome and I love to cheer them along every step of the way. But as for me, no, I don’t love to run.

I know it’s a little weird, that for someone SO into health, you would think that I would love to run and would be running in every 5k and marathon around but, nope. I just don’t like the way that it makes your heart beat so hard and makes your mouth  so dry-ugh, it’s just not my thing. Give me zumba or yoga and that’s another story.

So why did I jump at the chance to share in this 5K?

Because a 5K isn’t actually too bad. I actually did one in my life–it was last year for a friend who was dying from a brain tumor. The course was really nice. I actually got lost along the way somehow (how do you get lost on a 5k?, I really don’t know, but I guess if there’s a will there’s a way, lol!)

And I also didn’t even run once on that 5K. I just walked, which is something I actually do enjoy.

SO, the thing that touched my heart about  this Loco Coco 5k is that it will help to feed Christmas breakfast to 500 families in need. THAT is awesome and makes me so warm and happy inside.

We actually were one of those families in need many years ago and it touched my life in a way that I never could have dreamed. Long after that food is eaten, the love behind it will keep living on.

I think we have those kinds of experiences in our lives to change us. And I will always cherish the feelings we had when we opened our door to huge baskets and bags of food and toys. There really aren’t enough tears of gratitude that can express the way that it touched each one of our lives forever.

So I hope that you’ll join us, whether you love to run or not, dry mouth or wet, come by and join in on the fun! We hope to see you there–unless we get lost of course, lol!

All of the details are below…
Come run with your favorite bloggers!

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Utah Mom Connection | Natures Knockout | Feel Great in 8

I am so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers (and your favorites too, I’m sure!) to support an awesome local community event called the Loco Coco 5k & Food Drive!

Loco Coco 5k & Food Drive
November 15th at 8:00am
Farmington, Utah

It’s going to be an incredibly fun day …

  • 5k run/walk
  • Stephen’s Hot Chocolate Bar
  • Free Photo Booth
  • Waffle Wagon food truck!

But, more importantly we’ll be helping with the goal to feed 500 local needy families breakfast on Christmas morning!


We’d love to have your help with this huge goal, and we’d love to meet you all in person! Come run with us, invite your friends and family to join in, and most importantly, donate what you can to help with the food drive.

Most needed breakfast food items; pancake mix, maple syrup, jam/jelly, cooking oil, bacon/sausage, hot cocoa mix, and biscuit mix, but any and all donations are welcome! Donate your food on November 15th at the Loco Coco 5k, or drop them off from November 8th-15th at the Farmington Fire Station (82 North 100 East Farmington, Utah).

Oh, and don’t forget to enter below to WIN A FREE REGISTRATION on us! Thanks for being such incredible readers!


Laurie & Tiffany


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