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All coaching lessons and programs are available in person in SLC Utah, or live online.

make u over complete makeovers

Do you feel confused or anxious about what to wear, how to look your best, how to apply makeup or how to style your hair? Who can you trust and where can you go?


Laurie has worked as a Makeup/Hair & Fashion Stylist for 30+ years, working with many celebrities, actors, musicians, and dignitaries, and is now opening up some time to work with real people desiring to magnify their inner beauty. She is a licensed Stylist, with Degrees in both Cosmetology, and Fashion, a published author, and highly sought after Speaker. She and her daughter Tiffany have run this site for 8 years, inspiring natural beauty and wholeness.  Tiffany is also a working professional makeup & wardrobe stylist, with over 14+ years experience.

They specialize in transforming lives, top to bottom and inside & out. They love watching people step out of their fears, bring that inner light to life, and soar in confidence and increase with greater success in their lives. They would love to do the same for you.


  • Soaring Self Esteem Course
  • Your Best Style Personality Package
  • Complete Color Analysis
  • Complete Fashion Makeover 
  • Skin Care Overhauls + Natural Replacements for your favorite products
  • DIY Skin & Body Care Course
  • Makeup Makeover (based on personality, proportions & features)
  • Your Best Hairstyles & Hair Care Tips specific to you
  • Overhaul Your Closet
  • Personal Shopping
  • Beauty Food Diet Course
  • Pantry Makeovers
  • Raw Food Cooking
  • Convert Recipes You Love to Paleo
  • Cook Healthy Alongside Us
  • Personalized Menu Planning Course
  • DIY Fermenting & Probiotics Course, Ebooks + Videos

wardrobe fashion stylingSOARING SELF ESTEEM, BELIEVE YOUR WORTH LIKE NEVER BEFORE..  Are you living life or merely existing? Do you worry about what others think, suffer from anxiety, depression, perfectionism, or any beliefs that hold you down? From healthy diet and weight loss, to confidently knowing you look & feel your very best–it’s time to fly. A life-changing program for reclaiming and embracing your life again.


makeup makeover

HEALTHY BEAUTY INSIDE & OUT..  Do you know what your skin is begging for? Get that glow back with a personalized Natural & Organic Skin Care Regime specific to your needs. Learn to replace what you like for natural products you’ll love + tricks programed specifically to your own skin needs, DIY products + more.


fashion personality stylefashion & style personality testing…  No need to waste any more time or money worrying about what to wear. Let us style you over, based on your personality and lifestyle so you can truly be who you are and were meant to be. Look & feel better than ever!


makeovers skin care

diy skin & personal care recipes… Did you know you can make products for your skin, hair, & body that are more nourishing than most products on the market? We share tons of recipes and demonstrations, along with some of the best skin care secrets ever. That’s right, and in this course, we pretty much plan to completely rock your world in simple, fun and wonderful ways.


Makeovermakeup personalized to you  If your makeup is not personalized to you, it may leave you feeling in disharmony, uncertain and insecure. We believe that every face should be treated individually, minimizing what we need to, but while bringing out the beauty of your soul. Based on your features, proportions, personality, lifestyle, and personal best style.


makeup makeover

the perfect hairstyle recommendations for you… Your hair is unique and needs specific care to allow it to be as beautiful, shiny, and as healthy as possible. We help you find natural, healthy products that are best for your needs. We also teach you which hairstyles will fit you the best based on your lifestyle, personality, proportions, length and individual needs.


color analysis dealsnk complete color analysis, feel better immediately…  Did you know that color actually stirs certain emotions? Not only that, when we surround our selves in color, certain colors will cause us to feel better – or worse. So we find those exact colors that bring you to life and that most perfectly harmonize with your soul. Looking better and feeling better are natural bi-products of wearing what is meant for you and truly lifts you up.


wardrobe makeoveryour wardrobe proportions – make dressing a cinch!…  Every style trend isn’t for every body, and that’s ok. In fact, it’s invigorating and exciting to learn the best looks, shapes, lines, and patterns for YOU. We measure you up, and guide you on the best and most flattering styles, trends, and looks that will be specific to you.


wardrobe makeoverwardrobe overhaul…   Do you stand in front of your closet and groan? It may be that some things are just wrong, or maybe some things are right, but need to be paired with different items to create your most flattering look. We can help you go through your closet and give it a whole new lease on life!


wardrobe fashion stylingpersonal shopping…   Once you know your best proportions, colors, styles, shopping becomes much easier and fun. Some people need this extra step, where we literally take you shopping and can show you how easy it will be to zero in on what is best for you. Fun, easy, and a sure way to know you are on the right path before we set you free.



make u over complete makeovers



BOTH packages below are set up as full 1 Day retreats, but can also be done individually online. A very fun, exciting, and unforgettable experience.  We send you a Fashion/Style Personality Test beforehand, then present you with your own Personality Portfolio. Everything else is typically done hands on throughout the day. We’ll replace your fears and frustrations with empowering new skills, open up possibilities, answer your questions and help instill full confidence so you can get your best look, every time, from now on.


  • Fashion/Style Personality Portfolio
  • Color Analysis Package
  • Wardrobe Proportions
  • Hair Makeover (cuts are optional)
  • Skin Care Analysis
  • Makeup Makeover
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Personal Shopping


  • “Beauty In Every Bite Desserts Cookbook” (printed book)
  • “Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes, & Creamies Cookbook” ebook
  • Soaring Self Esteem – 4 week course
  • Makeup To Perfection – 4 week course
  • Beauty Foods Diet eCourse – Change your relationship with food
  • Homemade Probiotics/Fermentation eCourse
  • DIY Beauty & Self Care Products eCourse
  • Facebook Group Membership



Grain free pizzaBEAUTY FOOD DIET

Your last “diet”ever!  Watch the pounds fall away as you change your relationship with food. A High Raw, Mediterranean, and chemical free diet—delicious, easy, and rich in vitamins, nutrients, and everything your body really needs, inside & out. Nourish the soul, bless the body & mind, and watch the pounds melt away at the same time. You will see food in a whole new light!


You want to be healthy but don’t know where to start? Let us help you transform your pantry by replacing the toxic, chemically laden foods with whole foods in every form. Put all the right things at your fingertips, and watch magic begin to happen in your kitchen, with your family, and with your body. We make cooking FUN!


We share the joys, benefits, and simplicity of the most nutrient rich way of cooking around. You can literally feel better with every bite, while incredible changes will begin to take place. Learn  to live organically on a shoestring, get all of our cookbooks, enjoy this course, and see life as the miracle it was meant to be.


We’ve been doing this for years as we’ve shared wonderful, delicious converted recipes on our blog with you. In this course, you will learn to convert your own favorite recipes to paleo alternatives that are just as beautiful and delicious as anything you once loved. Simple to make, and so much better for the body and soul, join along as we share all our secrets with you.


This is a very informative and wonderful hands-on opportunity to cook healthy recipes right alongside us. We teach you to cook up the things you love with a delicious healthy twist, help you to let go of a need to buy anything pre-packaged  or toxic ever again. And we help you savor the foods going into your mouth,  with a whole new love and appreciation for the moments you put into making them.


If you want to live a healthier more vibrant life, this course is a must. With over 100+ recipes and many more fun and wonderful ideas and tidbits that will help you indulge in easy to make, homemade probiotics to nourish and heal the body, inside & out. Your mind will be flooded with the possibilities. This course includes recipe books, videos, and handouts for each section. Get ready for the greatest adventure of your life!


If you want it all mapped out, this course is for you. We share recipes we’ve shared before + many new mouth watering recipes we’ve never shared before. We spell it all out for you, break it into daily, weekly, and monthly menu plans, grocery lists and more. When you have everything organized, you can free up your time, take the worry and stress away, and help you have the most incredible experience of your life.

we’d love to lift you up! contact us for more info & discounted group pricing.

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