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MAKEOVER, Head-to-toe

Yes, it’s time for a makeover, head to toe – using natural, organic, and safe products, of course!

As makeup, hair, and wardrobe stylist’s we’ve been doing this professionally for years (and years and years) on Movies, TV, and for print & editorial jobs.

And it hit us, WHY aren’t we doing this for YOU?!

Ok, so we repent, lol and let’s get going on this. As the requests and questions keep pouring in from our adorable viewers, wanting personal help to know how to improve their own skin, which colors are best for them, which natural mascara is best for their thin straight lashes, which clothing style would flatter their shape or fit their personality best, and on and on, we know there is a need for more, and especially more help on a personal level.

So we are embracing our passion, and ready to start making transformations (using only natural, organic, and safe products) with and for YOU, yay!!)

We’re so happy you’re joining us, we’ve got so much more to share! A big shout out to August Miller Photography who has done all of the after shots for us. We’re super excited to have him on our team.

Enough said–let’s do a makeover!

Meet Jill…                                         

makeover, beauty

…and meet the NEW Jill!

Jill is an actress and a blogger. Here is her Blog  She said she wanted this makeover because she needed to make some changes, and had been on a medication for cancer for 5 years, and she felt it had taken a toll on her look. With that, how could we resist. We knew Jill should be our model for this makeover.

The Night Before:

We sent Jill her personality profiler test. After she sent it back, we went through it, we found that she is a Casualette Fashion Personality. We sent her a complete Casualette packet, illustrating everything about her personality, style, and characteristics. She sent back a note saying she was surprised at how spot on it was. makeover, head to toe makeoverThe before shots are the look that Jill showed up in. She made a comment that she was worried about what to wear, which is a typical concern most people experience most of the time as they try to dress for any specific occasion. Our goal was to change that for her, by opening up a new style direction that would help her feel confident and more beautiful in clothing and colors that would be best suited to her.

makeovers head to toe


We met at Ross and took Jill into the changing room, where we did a complete color analysis, and also charted her body proportions, measured her shape, and then set out to grab everything we could find that was perfect for Jill. She tried on several options, and it was a little tough to weed out which ones didn’t work, because most of them did.

It was so fun to see Jill’s transformation take place. Not only did Jill look better, she walked away with a new sense of empowerment, an eagerness to embrace new styles, colors, and shapes that would flatter her more. As an actress, she also liked learning that if she auditions for a character that isn’t likable, she can dress in the wrong colors and styles to get a psychological advantage over the director, who won’t know why, but will likely feel the disharmony those will bring. Kind of fun to know, but also it really helps to illustrate the importance of dressing in colors, lines, and styles that are fine tuned specifically to you.

makeovers head to toe

Before our shopping trip and makeovers, we also asked Jill where she likes to shop so we could get a price point for what she’d be willing to spend. She said she typically shops on ebay to save money, as it’s not important to her to invest a lot of money in her clothing. So we decided to meet her the next day at 1 pm at a local Ross Dress for Less. We had planned to find one complete outfit, but since she loved this black shirt as well, we ended up doing 2 outfits, and worked the second outfit around her own bohemian skirt that was a perfect piece for Jill. We found all that we needed to complete not one, but 2 entire outfits (including shoes, boots, and bags, and it totaled at around $110.  Pretty amazing, huh?!

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For some reason, our wordpress won’t allow me to upload any more pictures–argh! So I guess this is the end of this post for now, in the mean time I’m off to figure out why it does this. It happens quite often and we’ve paid for professional help to fix it, but haven’t found anyone that has been able to successfully fix it…so if any of you wordpress smarties out there know what we can do to fix this issue, please share!!!

But in the mean time, I promise to be back, and we will be uploading footage and photos of more from our Image transformation Makeover with Jill.

Please comment below, we LOVE hearing from you!!


Laurie & Tiffany

Please Comment, we LOVE hearing from you!


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