makeup no no's

Makeup skin care & personal hygiene NO NO’s

Makeup skin care & personal hygiene NO NO’s

We kind of pride ourselves on being positive–well, for trying anyway.

So that said, in the industry we work in, we see lots of no no’s, and we always like to take a positive approach, but how do you do that when you start with a title that say’s “no no” right off the bat?  ugh.  Here are some Makeup skin care & personal hygiene NO NO’s, you’re going to want to know…

Well, actually, when we thought it through and rationalized the heck out if it, we decided that by pointing out the “no no’s” (that we have actually seen) we can enlighten and inspire you to do better!  So this is a terribly positive video if you really think it through long and hard enough.


Enjoy and share our Makeup skin care & personal hygiene NO NO’s with anyone who cares–we are on the road to doing better–YAY!

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Take care and be SAFE!  You guys are the best–be sure and please COMMENT BELOW!!

Stay SAFE!!!


Laurie & Tiffany 

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