christmas family pictures

Merry Christmas + A Special Announcement!

Merry Christmas from our family to YOU!!

We love this special time of year! It’s a celebration of our Savior’s birth, and a new birth to us all. We cherish the traditions and wish you the merriest Christmas of all!

This year, we thought we’d share our Christmas family photos with you–

and when they say a picture says a thousand words….they just might be right 🙂

christmas family pictures

christmas family pictures

christmas family pictures

I posted those on my personal facebook profile and had a lot of people wondering, lol. So here’s the story…

Years ago, when Tiffany was turning 8 years old, I found out that I was pregnant. In our faith, the age of baptism begins after 8 years old, so we had planned to have Tiffany baptized the same day as her twin cousin and her other cousin that was just a couple months older then them.

Since the whole family would be together, we pulled Tiffany aside and shared our news with her. We thought it would be special if she announced it during our family photo session.

So the whole family was laughing and smiling when Tiffany yelled out, “my mom’s pregnant!” The wave of surprise was so fun to be a part of.

SO fast forward 22 years.

Our son Trent, and his family recently moved to Dallas. When they asked their son if he could go anywhere for Christmas, he immediately said, “I want to go to Utah and play with my cousins.” Trent and Megan’s hearts melted, and yes, they ended up coming home for Christmas. YAY Cayden, lol! 🙂

Soon after we learned they were coming home, Tiff and I spoke at the Pinner’s Conference in SLC. As fate would have it, we stopped by the Camera Shy booth and yes, I submitted.

So I coordinated with everyone and nailed down a date and time. I had no idea that Tiffany would be going on a mad hunt, to coordinate with Camera Shy that she would be announcing her pregnancy in one of the photos.

So the big day came, and we did our photos.

It’s always fun (and a little crazy) when we all get together, so we were having a good time, but just before the 1st photo above, 3 of the workers from Camera Shy came in to “help”. Not one of us questioned what was about to happen.

And then, they yelled out, “Tiffany is pregnant!”

We ALL were shoecked. And AWED!

And of course we got emotional. It is a special time, a beautiful blessing, and something we didn’t know if her body would be able to ever do again. She’s been eating more fermented probiotic food, organic bone broth, and doing all she could to regain her health. She’s been feeling great and her joint swelling has all gone down. But we had kind of let go of that hope that she would ever conceive again. So we are beyond grateful for such a special announcement, and at such a sacred time of year, and in such a special way that none of us will ever forget.

And her little 8 year old Ashton, who had been in on the secret proudly beamed because he hadn’t told their secret to one single soul. I love the picture below as you can see how proud he felt. And I too, couldn’t have been prouder.

And as you can see in these pictures we’re sharing, a picture truly does tell a 1000 words!!

Yes, it was a very happy day!!

christmas family pictures

christmas family pictures

And that’s our story, sweet, sweet sweet.

As you celebrate this sacred season, we wish you the very best. It’s a beautiful time of birth, and rebirth, and we wish you a very merry Christmas!

And if you missed our last post, Silent Night, A Savior is Born–head over to download a beautiful song for FREE!

We love you guys!!


Laurie & Tiffany

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