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Yeah, I think the upside down photo pretty much says it all! LOL!
I didn’t shoot it upside down, but maybe it just read my mind =)

Anyway, yes I know, I do live in a crazy world.
Last week I was backstage with David Archuletta and working with Tom Brokaw on a 9/11 Broadcast for NBC. I also had a big bridal party at the Waldorf Astoria to do makeup and hair on. It was nice wearing skirts and being a girl and doing pretty glam makeup and up-dos (well, not on Tom Brokaw, he was a nice guy, but i don’t think he would’ve appreciated that, haha!)

But now I’m breaking down a script on a WWII movie that we start shooting next week. It will be down and dirty and I’ll be in the foxholes piling on the dirt, sweat and blood.

As for the picture….
It is just some of the research I have laid out. The director wants the lead lady wearing a ponytail, but that’s a look that we hardly see before the 1950’s, so I’m pouring over everything I can find to locate some sort of 1940’s ponytails. Once i find some options I like, I’ll present those to the director.

At that point, the look will be his call and that can be a scary thought…

Sometimes directors will over rule all of the options I give, and we end up having to do something that isn’t the period look I want or even like at all. That’s when I die professionally and decide whether I really want to do the show or not. I really don’t like having to do work that I know isn’t right, but sometimes we’re forced. Because of that, i’ve learned not to be too critical of other makeup and hair professionals that don’t follow the period looks perfectly. I know it may not have been their call–but if it was their call, bad for them, they have no excuse. j/k love and kisses to all of you =)

Kay, enough said, i need to get back to work. I’ve got a 90 page script to read and break down and then i have to call the director this afternoon to go over my ideas and questions. I’ve also got to get out some product orders in if i want them to arrive in time.

I know i’ll be working some long days and i’ll be working 7 days a week for the next few weeks, but i promise i’ll post again as soon as i can. tiff will be helping me some, but she’s pretty pregnant now, so this isn’t the best show for her right now =( sniff sniff. i’ll miss her, i know.

i’ll keep ya posted :o)

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Laurie & Tiffany


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