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dear diary…My Healthy Diet – Backwards :(… the grande finale

Okay, I admit it. I AM a wimp, ugh.  But  this experience definitely taught me some important things. In case you’re just seeing this post, it’s the end of a 3 post series, all called, “My Healthy Diet Backwards.” You’ll want to read those in order to understand why in the world I would tackle this task.

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Dear Diary…my healthy journey backwards


On Wednesday night, I was out running around and saw a Kneaders Restaurant. I think the only thing I’ve ever eaten there, were the salads, which I really like. But I was under orders to eat a lot of gluten, so my eyes drifted over to the unfamiliar sandwich menu.

One thing that stood out to me was a turkey avocado croissant. I love anything avocado, and I’ll bet it’s been over 20 years since I’ve eaten a croissant. I had written them off years ago, because of the high buttery fat content. But as I sat there, I decided to eat something that I used to love, and sooo, that croissant would be it. It included a little salad of dark greens and I decided to also add a package of chips (for nightshades) and a water.

I was really hungry and devoured the entire meal. It actually seemed quite light, and tasted really good. I didn’t feel that heavy, bloating immediately, and thought maybe I would breeze right through this without any bad after effects.

But my body didn’t feel quite the same way about that meal. By morning, I ached everywhere. The bloat was back, and after another restless night, I really didn’t even want to get out of bed. But I finally did.

The last thing I wanted to do was eat. So I got some work done and got dressed. When I sat in front of the mirror to spackle on my face, I was surprised at how much more pale my skin looked. I added more makeup than usual, just to get some color back into my face. My skin had no glow, it was just pale and pasty.

I ended up making breakfast about lunchtime. As I prepared my food, I thought about what a glorious day it was–because this madness would all be over within 24 hours, and I could hardly wait.

I shredded and soaked a potato, then baked it in olive oil.  When my hash browns were almost ready, I cooked up 2 hormone/antibiotic free eggs, and a piece of white toast, which I slathered in extra virgin olive oil.

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I snatched a bottle of my husband’s catsup from the fridge and immediately looked at the ingredients. I had a feeling it wouldn’t be good, and it wasn’t. The main ingredient was high fructose corn syrup, and it was surrounded by a long list of other chemical ingredients. There was no way I’d eat that. So I threw his catsup away, (he’ll never know 🙂 and I grabbed my little blender and within a few minutes had a totally natural, healthy, lacto fermented catsup that was so much more delicious anyway.

I knew I needed some fresh milk, and had purposely waited until the last day to hit it very hard. Luckily my hubby buys only hormone free, organic milk, so I didn’t have to throw out his milk too, lol. 🙂 The fun truth is that he’s slowly coming around to my way of eating, one huge baby step at a time. But as he’s been making a lot of dietary changes, he’s become excited about how easy it has finally become to lose weight, and how much better the new improvements to his diet are making him feel.

I took the milk and within about 3 minutes whipped up some delicious, homemade cacao milk…an easy alternative to chocolate milk, but loaded with antioxidants and zero chemicals-yay! mmmm

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I ate everything, and even in spite of my healthy catsup and cacao milk, I still felt that heaviness, heartburn, and bloat hit right away. Ohh ugh.

Dear Diary,healthy journey,backwards.jpg

My hubby came home after work and was eager to head downtown to a local pizza restaurant that was having a 2 for 1 deal.  It would fortunately be my last meal before I would be getting my life back. It sounded fine, so we headed downtown for pizza and salads.

Dear Diary,healthy journey,backwards.jpg

By the end of the meal, I knew I needed to walk a while. So my hubby and I walked all over downtown before heading back to our car. The walk was nice–the air was fresh, but it didn’t even begin to take away the yuckiness that I felt.

And for the final night, I tossed and turned and my stomach churned fiercely all night long. My body was declaring that it was done, and so was I.

Morning came and I drank some lacto-fermented juice, a piece of toast, and headed up to my doctor’s office. They drew a bunch of blood and I felt like my life was changed in a twinkling. Well not exactly, but I was thrilled to know that I finally had my life back. The drive home was pure happiness for me.

Oh, and I almost forgot a kind of very important thing. I never get on scales anymore, because with our diet, we don’t count calories at all, because the thing that counts is getting lots of nutrients. It’s actually the perfect diet for an artist that avoids math at all costs. j/k 🙂 So another really crazy thing is that they weighed me at the doctors office, before each visit and I actually gained almost 5 pounds from the beginning to the end of that backwards diet.

As hard as this was, and as much pain as I’ve felt all week, I’m grateful for the realizations I’ve had from this experience. It was difficult, and something I don’t want to relive again, and doubt that I ever will.

To anyone who fears it’s too hard to make healthy dietary changes, I can seriously say that I wish I could give you the experience I just lived through. Not because I’m a mean, bitter person, but because I know you would find a commitment to make the changes without ever looking back.

I’m so grateful to be able to eat healthy foods, free of chemicals, and loaded with nutrients again, and look so forward to feeling better with every bite once more. My experience ended on Friday morning. It’s now Monday, and I’ve been eating a pure, detoxifying diet, loaded with greens, ever since. I’ve been gradually feeling more and more like myself, but can tell there are still some after effects from last week’s diet. My heartburn is completely gone again, the bloating is gone, and I’m beginning to feel less and less pain with each new morning. I know that I’ll get back to where I was before again, and for that, am truly grateful.

I love that I now have no desire to ever look back. I know that I’m not missing out on a thing. No matter how amazing tastes, the after effects are just not worth it. My healthy diet, backwards, is over! Life is great, and knowledge is power. As a wise man once said,

“Let food

be thy medicine

and medicine

be thy food”

– Hippocrates

Take care of yourself, it’s worth it!


Laurie & Tiffany

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