Nacho Salad Supreme

Nacho Salad Supreme, an Easy Healthy Vegan recipe to love

mmmm…MoNdAy MuNcHiEs! 🙂

Nacho Salad Supreme


I wasn’t really planning this Nacho Salad Supreme post, but I was just sitting here, chowing down my lunch – feeling both excited & emotional with the few comments I got yesterday, because the two of you mentioned you also have RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis). So now I’m in a real dilema–do I post this recipe on mmmmmMonday or Friday Fun & feelings??! And then, why do I manage to complicate the simplest things, lol.

So for those of you who are counting, mmmmMonday wins.

I don’t know what exactly gets me emotional right now. I really don’t think it’s the Nacho Salad, jk, lol. Could be that Im just an emotional baby, or maybe because every now and then it hits that I am not fighting this disease alone. I know that, and we hear from so many people suffering, on a daily basis, sadly.

But for some reason, the 2 notes that came in yesterday really got me. I think because they both mentioned they felt they were the only one’s struggling like they are, and I remember those lonely, desperate feelings way too well.

I’m sure you guys have just as much to share on RA, or other autoimmune diseases, if not more. So thank you for the messages. In fact, please comment on our posts, let us know how you’re feeling, what victories you’re having, what you’re learning, how you’re growing! I would love for this blog to be place where we can all build each other up & talk amongst ourselves about our ailments… and for those who don’t have RA or an auto immune disease or anything of that sort.. hopefully this can be a place that empowers you to continue eating & living a healthy lifestyle and preserving your beautiful health!

If you are what you eat,

we hope to help you 

be pretty darn amazing.

Actually we know that you are,

because you came here,

looking for great healthy

alternatives, and that,

is a beautiful thing.

I hope you enjoy this Nacho Salad!  Do you have any healthy recipes or snacks you’d like to share? Please do! You can never have too many HEALTHY recipes! Enjoy your version of my quick and yummy Nacho Salad Supreme and I hope everyone has a good week! 🙂

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Nacho Salad Supreme


2 handfuls of certified organic non-gmo corn chips

1 small tomato chopped

1 bunch organic cilantro – shaved & chopped

1 avocado, chopped

1/4 chopped red onion

almond or rice milk cheese (optional)

1 scoop organic black beans – cooked and drained

1 scoop organic refried beans – cooked, drained and mashed


  1. Heat up the beans.
  2. Place heated beans, chips, and cheese on a pie pan or cookie sheet and broil quickly (about 2-3 minutes) and remove from oven.
  3. Top with the remaining ingredients. (If you are a cheese lover, but trying to get away from cheese, guacamole is an awesome alternative!



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Enjoy and Please SHARE!!


Laurie & Tiffany


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    • Laurie
      Laurie says:

      Hi Shannon,
      We’ve found both almond milk and rice milk cheese at health food grocery stores locally. If you can’t, be sure to ask them and they can probably get it in. It’s good for them to get requests anyway, then they realize its something that they should carry. 🙂 xox


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