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PIN ME!!!! Natural Hairspray Faves! Q&A Question: Ladies, what hairspray do you use? From Stacy on our FB page (thank YOU Stacy!)

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follow url Hi Stacy, thanks for asking and we have some definite current natural hairspray faves! Here they are, and why: We’d love to share some organic items, but currently, our favorite natural & safe hairsprays tend to fall into the categories of “natural” or “safe”   We’ll share them below, and share why we are liking them as well. And to make it easy on you, we’ll even link to them where we’ve found them for the best deals too!  Here goes…. Our Favorite Natural & Safe Hairsprays!

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source url 1.  Andalou Naturals, Sunflower & Citrus Hairspray – This hairspray contains more natural ingredients and none of the questionable or “dangerous” ingredients that we would worry or warn about.  As for performance, this one was outstanding, both in humid and dry climates and the hold was very strong.  We really loved this one the most and give it 3 stars out of 3 for being safe, having nourishing ingredients, and for performance.  On top of all that, the price was great too! favorite natural hairsprays2. BWC – Beauty Without Cruelty Hair Spray– This line is based on no animal testing, but also has the most questionable ingredients, however the worst of them falls between mild to low levels of toxicity. They tend to use more synthetic ingredients, which we aren’t fans of, but they are the lesser of the evil ingredients and not dangerous enough (in our opinion) to be listed in our list of dangerous ingredients.  That said, we love the performance of this hairspray in both dry and humid climates. It has a good, strong hold.  We give rate this product 2 out of 3 stars, because it has “safe” ingredients, excellent performance, but isn’t as organic as we’d like.

favorite natural hairsprays 3.  Giovanni Hairspray – For a light hold and the lightest scent we found.  This may not be enough of a hold for some people and in more humid climates, but don’t give up there, because we’ve found it to be great when used as a thermal protectant for thermal styling.  We rate it 2 out of 3 stars, because it’s great, and has good performance as a hairspray, but not amazing performance. We love that it has such a light scent, we love it for our set bags because it tends to run in slender, slightly smaller containers, which is nice for travel, when you’re limited that way. It would also fall between “safe” and “natural” in the ingredients list. So there you have it–until next time, these are our top 3 current Our Favorite Natural & Safe Hairsprays. Because formulations change, stay tuned until the next time!

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