Natural Acne Remedies

Natural Remedies for eczema, Emu Review

Yes, we are talking first hand on this one, literally! We’ve both struggled with eczema, but are grateful we’ve found some answers and we can totally keep it under control. SO a viewers question is what inspired this post–we’ve found some awesome Natural Remedies for eczema that have worked like a dream for us & we hope they will make a big difference for you too!

question from our viewer, liz…

I’ve been curious about Emu Oil and would love to know more, plus know which kind you recommend.  I really trust your opinions, thankyou so much! 🙂 Liz

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our answer…

We’ve found some awesome Natural Remedies for eczema!!

Thanks for your question Liz…I’m not sure if you’re wanting it for helping reduce wrinkles, for extremely dry, chapped skin, or for fighting pain and inflammation, soooo I may give you more than you bargained for, lol!  Anyway, here goes :_)

Emu Oil has been referred to as the “Wonder from Down Under” because of the highly therapeutic properties of Emu meat and oil. The Australian Aboriginies have used it medicinally for centuries because of its special properties.

Pure Emu oil naturally contains linolenic Acid (Omega 3), (Omega 6), and Oleic Acid (Omega 9) along with other Essential Fatty Acids. These EFA’s have shown to be highly beneficial in aiding healing. Studies have shown that deep penetrating Emu Oil has anti-aging, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties.


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It works beautifully to hydrate and lubricate the skin, and absorbs well, delivering  the Essential Fatty Acids through the epidermal layers of the skin and down to the basal layer where it stimulates new cell regeneration. The fatty acid estersin Emu Oil increase the local blood flow, accelerating the healing process.

I personally love it for eczema and have found it to be more therapeutic and effective than some prescribed medications and steroids.  (I have to add the disclaimer though that if you have persistant eczema, it’s wise to refer to a physician).  It is also excellent for extremely dry and chapped skin and lips.

Natural Acne Remedies

It is also rich in anti-oxidants which help to slow down the aging process and in some cases actually reverses it. It’s anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic and a natural non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores :).

Emu Oil also has shown to be anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce and prevent wrinkles, pain (arthritis, burns and other injuries).  It also helps plump the skin and can reduce dark circles and also minimize dark spots.

Beauty lovers, skin care professionals, professional sports teams, chiropractors, massage and physical therapists and other medical professionals, report excellent results from Emu Oil.

When rating this particular product, we should point out that not all Emu oils are alike, so it’s important to know that Thunder Ridge Emu Oil is a pure an edible grade. Because of that, we give it 3 stars, 1 for being safe, 2 for excellent performance and 3 for being pure and naturally loaded with nutrients.

Here are some that we believe to be very pure:

Emu Gold Certified Pure Emu Oil

Emu Oil Pure Premium Golden

Please COMMENT below and let us know your thoughts, questions, and how this works for you. We believe it will make a world of difference, and that you will really love it! You guys are awesome, have a wonderful day!


Laurie & Tiffany



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