natural zombie makeovers

Natural ZOMBIE MAKEOVERS + 110 Halloween Ideas


We’ll be posting Halloween Tutorials here EVERY DAY this week



We were working on a Zombie TV Show and thought it might be fun to share some natural ZOMBIE MAKEOVERS & TUTORIALS using natural makeup. SO, here are some examples….


natural zombie makeovers

natural zombie makeovers


zombie makeup tutorialzombie makeup tutorial

We know, it’s a little crazy to think that you can slather on the makeup and make yourself look like, well…a zombie, then wash it all off later and enjoy more beautiful skin! But it’s true! 🙂


This Halloween, we have a simple assignment for you…


  1. READ the ingredients of any halloween makeup you use on yourself or on anyone else..
  2. Check our our list of over 3000 “TOXIC” Ingredients
  3. Comment below and let us know what you learn
  4. Consider replacing the products you’re using with something that will nourish and enhance the skin afterwards instead of polluting and aging the face.

We know it may be hard to start over with all new everything at once. So our hope is to spark a desire for you to change out one product at a time, we believe that your skin and body will absolutely love you for it!


Here are a couple of fun & simple zombie makeover tutorials we did for you, using only natural, safe, and organic makeup.


Watch for more natural makeup tutorials from us this month as well…and we’ll also hook you up with some delicious pumpkin and fall recipes too! We are determined to turn you onto the most healthy, yummy, and safest fall ever!

So have fun, be as scary as you dare, but be safe. You are so worth it!!


Laurie & Tiffany

Please Comment, we LOVE hearing from you!


4 replies
    • Laurie
      Laurie says:

      Thanks so much Kiki! I don’t know what it says about us that we actually enjoy doing this type of makeup look, lol! Stay safe! xo 🙂

  1. Rahat
    Rahat says:

    Thanks for these ideas i will try the zombie in next Halloween <3

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