On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender day

On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender day

On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender day


Just working on set and hit with a realization…

The main focus of our site is to inspire positive replacements for what’s going on your body, in your body, and in your mind. So if this can have a little of the impact it had on me today, it’s well worth posting.

Ok, the pictures below are with me getting thrown into a shot–something that happens all the time, not because I’m an amazing actress (I know that must come as a shock jk lol) but really just because it’s a great way to get cheap labor for no extra cost– lol!  But this post isn’t about me or an acting career at all, I think it’s something much more….

On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender dayI had a realization today that I want to share.  It didn’t have anything to do with work, but had everything to do with life.

Several of us were talking on set about a mutual friend who seemed to have it all.  He even said one day, “My life is perfect, if I could just get a big promotion…”  Then, not long after that, he did get promoted to VP over his division.  And then, it looked as though he had finally stepped into that perfect life.

On set for Shriners Hospitals, a tender dayBut sadly, perfect didn’t last.  It wasn’t long before his little girl was diagnosed with a devastating tumor and that is what he and his family are fighting with today.

As we shared our feelings of sadness for them, I realized how telling his story really was, not just about him, but about all of us.  We all want this to happen or that to happen and THEN everything will be perfect, won’t it?  Well maybe not, because that’s not what life is really all about.

Why do we do that?  Why do we cheat ourselves out of the life we’re currently living, waiting for perfect, which really doesn’t exist?  But beyond that, the really crazy thing is that  those “imperfect” things are the very things which provide us the greatest growth of all.  Yet someday…..

Those thoughts simmered in my soul today, for which I’m so grateful.  I drove home tonight with a heart full of gratitude for all of the imperfect things in my life.  I think I am truly happy with imperfection.  Now, if I can just wake up tomorrow and hold on to what I learned today!

In closing, I’ll share a beautiful thought…

“The most important thing in life

is to enjoy your life

and to be happy

That’s all that matters.”

– Audrey Hepburn

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