A Life Changing People Magazine Set Experience

On Set with People Magazine

On Set & a Life Changing Experience

I have several neat stories to share with you, but today I’ll focus on a recent shoot with People Magazine.  A few weeks ago I promised you I’d post my experience from it but I had to wait until the story was published.  We also did tapings for CNN’s “Anderson Cooper Show” and “E” News so I also had to wait until all of those aired as well.  They’ve all aired, the story was published…so now 🙂 it’s our turn–YAY!


I actually think this is a wonderful story of gratitude, and I’m excited to share it at the end of a US holiday which focuses on being thankful.  I personally feel that gratitude is one of the greatest attributes we can acquire in this life and it’s something I’m working hard at.  So enough of all that, let’s get started….

So this story was of a reunion of a boy, Brandon Wright (below in wheelchair) with several strangers who risked their own lives to save him from a burning auto/motorcycle crash.

A Life Changing People Magazine Set Experience



You may remember hearing of the story, if not, I’ll include a news clip of the actual rescue, it’s quite compelling…

The story we shot was even more compelling though.  I had a chance to visit with each of the heroes as I did their makeup and hair throughout the shoots.

Most of them are students from all different walks of life and I really don’t think any one of them saw themselves as a hero.  In fact, they were embarrassed about all of the publicity and made comments like, “Anyone would do what we did.”  But I don’t know, would they really?  I would hope I would and I would want to, but seriously, what would I do in the same situation?

Another comment I heard was, “I really don’t want attention for what I’ve done, I’d rather go along quietly than to be made into something great.”

The saddest comment I heard was from one of them who received some hate emails for the rescue.  That was disheartening to think anyone would be hurting so badly to stoop that low.

I spoke with Brandon and his parents as well.  They were still quite moved and grateful for the second chance Brandon had at life because these total strangers were more concerned about his life for a few moments than they were about their own lives.

Then, the moment that brought everyone to tears was when Brandon met his rescuers for the first time, face to face.  They each spoke of their feelings, motivations, gratitude, and even for a few moments spoke nothing at all.  The silence said so much more than words could ever begin to.

I was deeply moved as I could only imagine the range of emotions each of them was feeling…the immense gratitude, concern, compassion.  Prior to that incident, everyone was going their own way, doing their own thing, without concern for the others.  But now, we all shared the overwhelming sentiment of humanity at it’s peak.  It was truly a beautiful experience.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to see good in a world that sometimes seems too busy to care.   There truly is goodness in the world and that makes me happy 🙂  Here’s a quote I really like, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John F. Kennedy

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