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Organic DIY Beauty, right from your kitchen!

watch We used to think you had to spend hundreds of $$ on products for beautiful skin. But once we started researching what it takes to make the skin beautiful, we realized that many of the answers lie in indulging in superfoods. Yep that’s right. And by that, we mean eating them AND applying them to the skin. And many of those superfoods can be found right in your own kitchen. And pssst if not, you may want to start adding them, lol! 🙂

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Being nourished



follow site Beauty never had it so easy.


go site And here is a great little infographic, that illustrates exactly what we’re talking about… nature’s skincare miracles….

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what makes a good teacher essay We hope you LOVE this!! Please comment below, as always we LOVE you and love your comments! And a special shout out to Babies Travel Lite for putting this together for us. Thanks, and have a beautiful day!

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