Paleo Pizza Snack

Paleo Pizza in 3 minutes

I think you’re going to love this–it’s Paleo pizza on the go! Super fast 3 minute pizza. Easy and delicious!

Today was my first real day off in a few weeks. Tiffany and I have been working on a film called “War Pigs” so today was a day to celebrate. So when I headed off to the post office to drop off some packages today, I had one of those crazy unhealthy temptations come tugging at my appetite strings, if that’s such a thing.

And wouldn’t you know, it was pizza. I wanted to just pull into one of those ready made pizza joints and grab a piece or two of pizza. But even though the temptation was there, I really didn’t want to do that deep inside. But I think it was the quick and easy way out that got to me even more than the pizza itself.

I thought about what I had in my fridge and thought just maybe I could create something just as quick and equally tasty without all of the chemicals and “ick” at all.

And I’m happy to say that I did it! I threw together the simplest pizza in minutes, and it was really yummy.

Paleo Pizza Snack


Here’s how to make a quick PALEO PIZZA


1 slice grain free bread (our favorite is our Italian Herb bread which isn’t quite 3 minutes to cook, but when you have a few more minutes is super easy to make!)

1 tablespoon Nomato Salsa or Best Salsa Ever

Sprinkle of shredded Almond or Rice Milk Cheese

Several thin slices of free range nitrate-free turkey pepperoni

Fresh Italian herbs



  1. Place a slice of grain free bread of any kind (we linked to our favorite ever) in the toaster and pop up half way through.
  2. Next spread on the salsa, sprinkle on some cheese, pepperoni and herbs.
  3. Place on the top of the toaster and turn it back on. Allow to crisp up the bottom and warm until ready. I took mine off before the toaster popped again as it was ready sooner.

So this literally takes about 3 minutes from start to finish and you can feel good knowing that you haven’t filled your body with yuck. Yep, awesome.  🙂

Let us know how you like it and what else you’d like to have us share!


Laurie & Tiffany

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