Positive thoughts, even when our plans fall through - Behind the Scenes

Positive thoughts, even when our plans fall through – Behind the Scenes

positive thoughts


I’ll just start by saying, that sometimes our wonderful plans, hopes, and dreams fall through.

positive thoughts

Sometimes life’s lessons suck.

And sadly, that’s just life, BUT we’ve found that life goes better when we make the best out of things and find room for laughter every single day.

And that’s HUGE.

I was invited to do a shoot at the top of Mount Timpanogus. It’s over 11,000 feet high and the hike up is rated extremely difficult. The plans were to ride horses up until it was too steep, and then to climb the last mile without them. We would shoot, eat, camp, and shoot again in the sunrise, and then hike all the way down by foot.

Luckiy, I had just done a shoot for Wolverine boots recently, and they gave me some free hiking boots, so I knew this Timp job was meant to be! Here are some shots of that shoot:

positive thoughts 10577001_10203344921516559_5772009973599343695_n

So I started hiking in the hills behind our home every day that I could, at least 3-4 miles, to break in my boots, get used to uneven footing, climbing, everything. I was genuinely excited.


I bought some more gear, and put together a small complete makeup kit that would work best for this shoot.

I packed and I was all ready to go.

And then…

it got cancelled-nooooooooooo!!!! 


I have to admit, I was sad.

But as the time grew closer to the time we had been scheduled to go, the biggest rain and thunder storm pelted that mountain and the entire valley below. It was one of the biggest storms I’ve seen in a while and I realized. I could’ve been up on those slippery slopes and slapped with a jolt of thunder that would easily spook any horse. I really think I was protected, and as the raindrops increased and the storm brewed on and on, throughout the entire night, I became so very grateful.

Then last night, when I melted into my soft cushy bed, I knew that I had been blessed. I was so grateful that I wasn’t on top of that mountain, freezing and soaked, sore, or broken.

I honestly hope that the shoot will resurface, but that the weather will be much more agreeable, and that it won’t be as big of a risk as it would’ve been had we stuck with our original plans and headed up at 4pm last night on horses. (And the truth is, I’ve only been on horses about 5 times in my entire life–eek!)

positive thoughts

SO I like to look at the lessons I learn along the way, and I think the most powerful lesson I gained from this experience was to find the window of gratitude amongst the disappointment. Life doesn’t go as we plan, ever, and it won’t. But we can look at what life gives us and find a way to glory in the journey….that is what can make it beautiful, exciting, and even more wonderful than our wildest dreams.

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Laurie & Tiffany


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