Raw Honey

Raw Honey – 3 tips for the love of honey!

Raw Honey


raw honey, + WHY you want it raw… 

Raw Honey – 3 tips every honey lover should know!

We’ve written about the amazing qualities of honey before, but this afternoon, we were making sunbutter & honey sandwiches (gluten free bread of course 🙂  and realized we should share a few tips to make honey easier to use and to help you get the most nutrients from it!

TIP # 1

Raw honey is more nutritious than regular honey.  Yep, and that’s huge!

You’ve been trying to eat honey for a better nutritional option than sugar, but did you know what you may be eating may be more harmful than good?

Yeah, if that seems shocking, be sure to read on!

We didn’t know there was a difference until Tiffany realized her rhuematoid arthritis would flare up when she ate regular honey.  But raw honey didn’t bother her at all-which made no sense (or so we thought).

Sooo, we did a lot of research.  You may be wondering…what happens when a couple of blondes put their heads together? 🙂  Actually, sometimes some very good things happen! What we learned raw honey is not heat processed, which means it contains more nutrients.

But because of Tiff’s reaction to regular honey, we feel that heating honey must change the molecular structure, causing it to become toxic to some people…another thing about regular processed honey is that some manufacturers add artificial colors and flavors to the honey, which add additional toxins to the contents.

So that, plus the lack of nutrients with processed honey = why buy processed honey at all????????

Soo, how you can tell if honey is raw?

It should say “Raw” somewhere on the label.  It will also become cloudy and thick.

TIP #2

Don’t heat up raw honey!

The first thing we used to think was to throw it in the microwave, but NO!  That kills the healthy properties of raw honey and can make it toxic for some people.

We also try to only buy raw honey in glass containers.  The main reason is because often the plastics used (especially the honey bears) contain BisphenolA, which can be highly toxic, especially when heated.  You never know how long your product has been sitting in hot warehouses or trucks, so it’a always best to avoid plastics as much as possible.

TIP #3

So how do you scoop out hardened raw honey, without heating it?

This is one of our fave tips!!  Are you ready???

We figured out a really great tip.  We get a glass of hot water and place a knife or spoon in it long enough to heat it up and then dig into the honey with it–it just melts what you touch enough to scoop it right out!   Pretty cool, huh?!  Raw Honey – 3 tips every honey lover should know!

If you have any more raw honey tips you’d like to add, feel free!  We’re all in this together!

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