Reasons to Laugh

Reasons to Laugh

Reasons to Laugh

If you’re in the mood for a good laugh–here’s a true story I couldn’t keep to myself!

Reasons to Laugh

Sometimes you just need to find reasons to laugh! And sometimes they come much easier than others, but either way…just go for it–you deserve it!  🙂


This is a picture of me with my mom. And here is a funny little story about them…

The other night, we were visiting with my parents.

Out of the blue, my dad said, “Mom has been going commando”

…uhhh–what in the world?!!

Yeah, it seemed like a randomly weird thing for him to share and something we really didn’t want to hear or visualize, eek!
Sooo, we asked

“Why she was going commando?”

and he said, “she stopped wearing her wedding ring”

ohhhhhhh Dad, whew!

So, we straightened him out and yes, he was pretty embarrassed to learn there is a huge difference between not wearing a ring and going commando.


Hahaha!! My dad is the cutest–I love him so much! This is a picture of my brother, Vaughn, my dad, and me while they were extras on a film that Tiffany and I were working on.

Anyway, I’m blessed to have such wonderful parents to tease, and who always know how to brighten any day!

PS Mom, please start wearing your ring again, we don’t want to visualize you any other way,
I love you two, lol!!!


Laurie & Tiffany


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