Say Love, Hilary Weeks

Say LOVE – Behind the scenes

Say Love…I can’t think of a better name for this song by Hilary Weeks, and not only because it explains the song so well, but because it also explains Hilary so well. Every time I work with her, I have the most inspiring experiences, and this music video was no exception.

I had literally stepped off a plane, coming home from a shoot in Seattle, when I got the call. It was a hurried, “We’re shooting a video of Hilary’s new song on Saturday, can you do her makeup, hair, and wardrobe?” Even though it was only 2 days away, it didn’t really matter.  After my experiences with Hilary, I would be sure to make it happen, no matter what.

Hilary is shorter than me, but we have similar builds, and I knew what colors and styles would make her come to life. Since they happened to be in my wardrobe studio, I had her come over the next day. We did fittings and pulled together some fun options for the shoot.


Hilary Weeks, Say Love

On Saturday, I showed up at the location, without any idea of what we were going to shoot. I hadn’t seen or heard the song, and hadn’t been given a script. Hilary showed up and we got her glitzed and glammed for the first set-up. I always love working with her because she is so fun, appreciative, and just radiates a special light that makes you want to be around her.

Other than that, I had no idea what the shoot would be about. I thought maybe they were hungry for ideas when they started shooting paper airplanes at Hilary, and then framing her with a bunch of dangling airplanes. But I was having fun, so whether I understood where we were going with all those planes or not, didn’t really matter to me at the time.

Then we went outside, and found a bench for Hilary to sit and write nice affirmations on the airplanes. Interesting, I thought, still unsure of where we were heading.

Hilary Weeks, Say Love

Hilary Weeks, Say Love

Hilary Weeks, Say Love

Next, we climbed to the top of a parking garage, and Hilary was given a box of paper airplanes to shoot off the roof.


Then, the sweetest thing happened. Two little girls below saw the airplanes and ran over to them. Unaware that we were above them, watching their reactions, they picked up the planes. One of them noticed the writing, and showed the other girl. Excited, they ran it to their car to show their mom, dropping the blank planes behind them.

Hilary WEeks, Say love

We watched in awe, and sadly didn’t get it on tape. But Hilary was thrilled and I was deeply moved. This was what this song was all about. It was pure and sweet, and a spontaneous reaction to kindness and love. Those girls felt it, and we each did too.

Hilary has struck again. She has a wonderful way of touching hearts, and moving us to action. Enjoy her new song, and know that the story behind the video was as real, genuine, and authentic as it could possibly have been. Again, I feel honored to have had a glimpse of a very tender and sweet behind the scenes experience. There is goodness in this world, and it’s based around love. Say love, it makes a difference!

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I love you each, because you are incredible!

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Laurie & Tiffany

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