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Silent Night, A Savior Is Born…MERRY CHRISTMAS + a Free Song!

We recently worked on this Silent Night Christmas video with a bunch of YouTubers, actors, and musicians. Here is a PHOTO by Scott Jarvie of Laurie, doing touch up makeup on the cute Tiffany Alvord.Silent Night, A Savior Is Born...MERRY CHRISTMAS

It was super fun, but super touching too (you’ll know what I’m talking about as you listen to the caroling–soo so beautiful!)

When we were asked to come and do the makeup & hair for this video, we had no idea who we would be working on, and didn’t really think much of what the job would be…it was just kindof another job as far as we were concerned, but we figured we’d have fun, which we did.

But we had no idea what else we would feel on that shoot.

As everyone trickled in, we worked like crazy, running each one of them through the works. They were all so cute, and so fun, and the energy in that room was awesome. And that was just the beginning.

silent night

holy night

all is calm

all is bright

Once we got outside, the signing began…Silent Night, and A Savior is Born…and the spirit of the season was glowing brighter than we had ever expected as we witnessed these talented people sing their hearts out over and over, to door after door, on that chilly night. It was so sweet and tender as they greeted people who didn’t know they were coming. And even sweeter to see the tears, the joy, and the outpouring of love and kindness.

We hope you enjoy this video and the spirit behind it. And more than anything we hope you are filled with the peace and joy that this season brings. 

OH! And click to DOWNLOAD a FREE copy of Silent Night, A Savior Is Born

From our hearts to yours!–we wish you a very merry Christmas!! And special thanks to all of the wonderful people who made this video possible. We love you guys!


Laurie & Tiffany

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