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Something I LOVE & How I Make it Better Tag

Happy Earth Day!!

We posted this tag on youtube, “Something I LOVE & How I Make it Better”  Watch it as we share an honest confession, tips & ideas, and tag some other youtubers we love, who are stepping up to the plate (the organic one, that is, and making a differnce! 🙂

We were asked to start this tag by Maker Studios and of course were happy to volunteer our time to share “something I love” with you, and how we can all make it better.

Enjoy the video and please comment, here or there and share your own tips AND if you’re up for doing a tag yourself, go for it!–we can’t wait to see your stuff!

something i love tag



And as you’re contemplating on just how beautiful, fascinating and wonderful this world is, here’s something very important to think about…

Seventh Generation is sponsoring a PETITION, “Stand Up For Safer Chemicals” and we hope you’ll join forces with us and share this link.

If you could prevent one person from autoimmune disease, cancer, birth defects or autism, wouldn’t it be worth it?

We think so.In fact, we believe that this change can prevent many people from suffering from unnecessary disease.

And what if that “one person” was with someone you dearly love? If you know our story, you know that’s why this matters so much to us.

Sadly, we also get messages from viewers on a daily basis who are getting diagnosed with these diseases. We believe, based on our experiences, and research, that the overload of chemicals in our environment is the very cause of this exploding epidemic.

We’ve studied thousands of chemicals used commonly in products currently on the market, and have our own database of over 3000 chemicals which we believe to be too toxic for human use. What this petition addresses is the 80,000+ chemicals that have never even been tested to find levels of toxicity.

Wait, did I say “never”??

Yes, never. ugh. And they are ingredients currently being used in many of the products US citizens are using on ourselves, our babies, and our families.

We’re not big fans on regulation, but in a time when over 300 toxins can be extracted from human placenta, when a baby is exposed to over 100 TIMES the chemicals I was at birth, we think that this is something that really matters.

Please look it over, read up on it, sign it, and share this petition. We believe it will do a world of good. Seventh Generation needs 100,000 signatures on this petition and are currently at over 98,000, which says that people are VERY concerned about this issue. So what do you say, let’s put them over the top, k guys?! 🙂

That said, Happy Earth Day everyone!!


Laurie & Tiffany


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