We’re a mom/daughter, makeup & hair team gone eco, and YES we have a story to tell! 

But first, we want to tell you what you’ll find here….

1. Natural beauty everything (from product faves, diet control, and makeup & hair tutorials) to make your transition fun & easy.

2. Delicious Beauty Diet recipes, for inside & out

3. Motivation & support as you seek to look and feel your best! 

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Join us on your journey–we want to make it as simple, delicious and beautiful as possible!

Our Story…

It all started about 7 years ago when we were

working on a film shoot.

We’d worked on many movies together, all over the world,

so this was nothing new. We prepped our trailer and met with

our actors. Everything was going well and we were having a great time.

That is, until the next morning…

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 IMDB – LAURIE                                                               IMDB – TIFFANY

…we woke up in our hotel room and Tiffany was in so much pain, she couldn’t even walk. It was heartbreaking. As soon as we could, we got her to a doctor, then another, and another. The results came in and she had a very severe case of Rhuematoid Arthritis (an Autoimmune Disease), and not one doctor could give us any answers as to WHY her body had just started to attack itself.

That wasn’t enough, and we tore into every bit of research we could, seeking answers. Our intense quest for knowledge led us down a path we’d never dreamed we’d go down. We became hippies-yikes! Lol, and we changed over every product we used, and surprisingly started to see some improvements. Then we changed over our “foods”, eliminating everything chemical, processed, and inflammatory (sugar, dairy, gluten, grain, soy) and real change began. Tiffany started feeling better than ever.

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I changed everything with Tiffany, just to support her and in hopes of making her life easier. I think in a way, it was a form of denial and I felt deep down that maybe my changes could heal her?? Ugh, I don’t know. But whatever my reasons, what I experienced as well was dropdeadamazing! (oops, new word 🙂

I thought I was “healthy” however, I had been on athsma and allergy meds my entire life, was also on meds for heartburn, rosacea, eczema, and general aches and pains (I attributed to aging-shhh, don’t tell anyone that, lol). But after all of the changes we had made, Tiffany felt much better. For me, I was shocked to see every one of my issues disappear–whoosh–vanished, and I still don’t need any medications for those anymore.

We were also stunned as we noticed improvements in our skin, nails & hair (outward signs that something better overall was taking place within our bodies = very cool!) and something pretty exciting for a couple of beautyaholics!  We both had more energy and felt better than ever, which was incredibly AWESOME!

We couldn’t hold back–and had to share!

Ok, we’re blabbermouths!  So we started this site just to get the word out, let people know what was lurking in our products. As we started posting pictures of our diet, our viewers wanted recipes, and it just grew and grew. We’ve loved the past 7 years with you and look forward to many more. 

YOU have inspired us greatly. You’ve also led us to publishing books, speaking at events and all over the media, and we’re so grateful as we see much good taking place in our viewers lives.

Here are the books we have available so far

“Beauty Bite Desserts” and 

“Raw Beauty, Smoothies, Shakes, & Creamies” (NO refined sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or chemicals ever).

We’ve got lots more in the works–from beauty to diet to the power of positive thoughts BUT most of all, we want to keep sharing more of what brought you to our site. What do YOU want most of all? Please let us know! 

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That’s our story, we’d love to know yours and how we can help. Stay in touch, please share your hopes, dreams, and desires, we are here for YOU!


Laurie & Tiffany

Contact Us: naturesknockout at yahoo.com