eco conscious box giveaway

Time for a Giveaway!

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Time for a Giveaway!

We were just thinking how much we love you guys!!!  And we also think it’s time for a GIVEAWAY!!! + a discount for everyone else!!!

So we found the perfect thing to give to a very lucky winner!  We’ve been getting Natural Boxes every month and really LOVE them!   They are the cutest boxes filled with wonderful goodies and everything in them is eco yummy, healthy, wonderful, and wise!!! It’s so fun to see what they come up with and how cute the boxes are always wrapped each month, but it’s also fun to find new products we haven’t seen or tried yet. They really are cool!

So anyway, enough about us and how excited we get every month to get our own boxes–we are ready for one of you to enjoy some too!

Soooo, one lucky winner will get…

  • their own FREE 3 month subscription ($59 value)!!!
  • They will receive 1 very cute goodie box every month for 3 months!!

eco conscious box giveaway



Here (above) is a sample of one month’s box of goodies (so cute!!)  And they’ve just revamped their website and have so many great, creative things going on, so we’re excited to join in on their big celebration.  Are you game???

If so, it’s super easy to enter….

Sorry, this giveaway has ended, but we will be doing more! Stay tuned…

Ready, set, GO!!


Laurie & Tiffany

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25 replies
  1. Mary Beth Winslow
    Mary Beth Winslow says:

    Hi guys! I love this idea! I can’t wait to search through the entire website!! Thanks for posting this giveaway! xoxo

    • lvukich
      lvukich says:

      Hi Mary Beth + a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You won our Conscious Box Giveaway!!! You’re going to LOVE it!! Will you message us with the best contact email and your home address and we’ll pass it on to them and get you set up on lots of cool free goodies! xo 🙂

  2. Claire B.
    Claire B. says:

    LOVE this giveaway, Laurie & Tiffany! It’s such a cool concept. It’s like Christmas every month, with goodies that are good for you. Thanks for being so generous 😀

  3. Patti Peterson
    Patti Peterson says:

    I Love your website! Can’t wait to try your recipes. Would love to win the give away. Love finding and trying new products. Thanks for sharing your talent.

  4. Teandra
    Teandra says:

    Thanks for introducing this site!! I hope I win but even if I don’t I want to try! It looks great. I appreciate all your posts and helpful tips. You’re making a difference.

  5. Kimberly Davis
    Kimberly Davis says:

    This is great! I love all natural stuff, you know, and I see chocolate on their homepage so you can guess what I’m about to order (: Shared, liked, and joined!

  6. Monica Pace
    Monica Pace says:

    I so love all that you lovely ladies do! What a great contest! Would love to win especially since it would so helpful when I am just starting out changing my lifestyle from bad to healthy! =)

  7. Jaa
    Jaa says:

    I guess I did everything. I’m not clear what creating a profile means, I didn’t see where you could do that…oh well…thanks.


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