TOP 3 PICKS Natural Sunscreens for Faces

TOP 3 PICKS Natural Sunscreens for Faces, Summer 2015

TOP 3 PICKS Natural Sunscreens for Faces


It’s time for our TOP PICKS Natural Sunscreen Picks for 2015….

For this post, we’re going to focus on our favorite natural, safe, & organic Sunscreens for Faces, mild enough for the face, as we’ve found some don’t do so well in that area.

As professional makeup artists, we need good products that also perform well and don’t break our actors and talent out.

Then, if we get enough requests,  next week we’ll branch out to our  TOP PICKS Natural Sunscreens for bodies, because bodies are a little more tough, and coverage can be a little less expensive for the whole body. If you’d like a Top 3 picks for natural bug repellants, let us know down below too. 🙂


NOTE: We aren’t going to compare these by SPF’s as that is a numbering system that we believe does more harm than good. So often we hear people say, “Oh, this one’s a 100” blah, blah, blah… We say, DON’T buy into it, the higher numbers are all marketing schemes and give people a false sense of protection, but leave them wondering why they still got fried afterward. So ignore the numbers, a 15 is as effective as a 100, but BOTH must be re-applied every 2 hours, whether you go into water or not. So here we go…


Suntegrity Face Sunscreen

1. Suntegrity 

This sunscreen has made it in our top picks before, and once more is going to head our list as our #1 pick. It’s organic, naturally rich in nutrients and goes on super smooth, creamy, and leaves a fresh, dewy look without all of the grease. With the testing we’ve done, we’ve come across many people who normally break out from sunscreen, but had consistent results of improved skin and no additional breakouts. We also love that it is lightly tinted and can work easily as a base as well. If we have to find a down-side, we’d need to say that it would be the price, retailing for about $45 a tube, but for us and our clients, we feel that it is an investment that is ultimately worth every penny.




2. Eco Tint Sunscreen Stick 

Here is another option we found in a tinted sunscreen. The color is a medium skin tone and tends to blend in well, unless it’s cold. It may also be a little hard to match up to very fair and light skin tones.

Another thing we liked was that it’s nice to re-apply, and instead of taking off color like most sunscreens, it just blends into what may still be on the skin, so re-applying every 2 hours is pretty easy to do.

Our favorite thing about this sunscreen is the lineup of ingredients–this one qualifies as a true organic product. At $29.99, we think this tinted sunscreen is a great option.



mineral fusion mineral brush on sun defense

3. Mineral Fusion mineral brush on sun defense 

We really find that a powder sunscreen is essential in our kits since we have to re-apply sunscreen often to our actors faces. We also re-apply powder constantly throughout the day, so this product can easily kill 2 birds with one stone–eeek did I just say that? The truth is it won”t kill any birds or any humans for that matter as it is a product that we feel safe saying is “safe”. So whew, don’t worry about the sweet little birds, they will be just fine.  The best price we could find on this product is just over $17 which is pretty decent. So as a different type of option for sunscreen, we are big fans of this one and had to add it to our Top 3 Picks Natural Sunscreens for faces.

Please comment below and let us know your questions, thoughts, or any awesome other products that we should be checking out.  You guys are the best!!

Stay safe!


Laurie & Tiffany

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