Ultimate Healthy Living Bundles are now LIVE!

Ultimate Healthy Living Bundles are now LIVE!

I don’t usually post on Wednesday, but this is a bonus post because it’s too good to pass up–and I know you’ll love these. These Ultimate Living Bundles are so cool, and that’s a huge understatement!

We love these bundles and really look forward to them! It’s an offering of over $1000 value in Health related e-books, plus over $200 in bonuses, etc.

And they are only available for 6 days or until they’ve sold 30,000 bundles, starting TODAY!!!!

OOPS did I forget the price? Argh, how could I?!!! Are you ready?!

The cost of the entire bundle is just $29.97! That’s a 95% discounted rate. Crazy!! 

Some of the ebooks were written by friends of ours whom we admire and their books are stellar.

We just bought ours and can’t wait to hear how you love them too!

Please let us know how you like them…we can’t wait to hear!

stay healthy!


Laurie & TIffany

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