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 Uh oh….I’ve been thinking… 🙂

Oh gosh. I can’t even tell you how THRILLED I am to be able to post again. We had a crazy glitch with our site and it wouldn’t let us post. Not even once, for 3 whole weeks!

I’ve decided that maybe we need to learn PATIENCE?!! Lol, between you and me, I think it just may be true. And I’m actually really grateful for that. AND that I was cut off from posting for a while. No, not for the obvious reasons you might be thinking, like getting some time off or something crazy fun, but in fact, quite the opposite, as it’s given me time to really contemplate what we need to talk about.

And maybe missing New Years with you was actually the perfect time to miss. As I saw the whole world posting about New Years Resolutions, I realized how this is something we can do on an ongoing basis, and practically eliminate a chance for failure. I’ve thought about how to not just encourage you to set those goals, but how to find the ones that will best define YOU, so you can have a positive experience all the way around.

As we’ve been on our own journey, we’ve come to really understand that it’s not touching the heart, but changing the heart that will ultimately have the greatest impact on our health and well being.  It’s like completely re-setting that inner compass and making changes flow almost subconsciously rather than fighting ourselves to make things happen.

Whether you are hoping to lose weight, get more fit, eat more healthy, get ripped, become more grateful, or whatever it is, just get it on your Vision Board asap.

Because you, my friend, are divine.

Divinity lies within you,

and we want to help you

see and celebrate that.

Tiff explains our perspective in this video….

Once upon a time, I wasn’t so sure about making a vision board…but now, I’m convinced they are incredible.

I admit it, I had actually heard that I should make a Vision Board before, but had no interest. Yikes, did I really just say that?! Ok, yeah, I really had zero interest.

And it wasn’t until I worked on a TV Pilot that I actually finally got the vision.

One of the show’s Hosts was a business woman, who had sold her first business for $500,000,000.00. Yes, this is that part where you can gulp really big. I did.

So I worked with her for a few days in the studio, then again, at her home (I guess you could call it that) which was about as breathtaking and enormous as it could possibly be. And that’s just the description of her closet, jk, ok, well maybe kinda, lol.

This woman told me how, as a young mother she ended up divorced, with very little money. Her dad had taught her to make vision boards, and had turned her into a firm believer. He also told her to figure out how to support herself, so she put it on her VB.

Before long, she set up a business, then grew it every day. She put goal after goal on her VB, and met those goals in spite of every obstacle along the way.

In time, she was able to sell her business, and now runs a business that helps startups, and one of the 1st things she teaches those business owners is to make VB’s.

She also said that every item she had ever placed on her vision board materialized. She said there was only one item still on her board, but she knew it would materialize.

And you know what it was? It was a Jet. Lol. Yep, a real, live Jet. 🙂

By now, she very likely has her jet, but if not, I have no doubt that she will have it soon.

She was passionate about the power those boards have.

But even more than the message she shared of her vision board, I was deeply touched by how quickly she turned all of her thanks to God, who had always carried her, every step of the way. That was awesome, and I was very inspired to say the least.

So I’ve made my own, and they are awesome tools. That’s why I want to share this with you.

1. What IS a Vision Board?

Here is mine…Yours will look much like this when it’s filled in.

FREE Vision Board Download from Nature's Knockout!

2. What do I put on my Vision Board?

It’s really up to you. What would you like to add to your life?

Rather than looking at what you don’t like about you or your life, just look at adding the things that can enhance it. Maybe you’re hoping to feel better, look your best, think better, maybe you have qualities, or maybe even a few things you’d like to add. It’s really up to you…

You are the author

of your own destiny

As you can see, on my board above, I want to make other’s smile every day, to do humanitarian missions, to replace our very ancient cars with something more reliable, to go on a trip to Disneyland with the entire family, to go on a cruise with my husband, to feed my spirit daily, and to exercise daily.

2. How do I start one? 

Download our free copy by subscribing below.

We recommend that you download it, pray about what you’re going to place on it, and fill it with what inspires you. It can be things, places you’d like to go, things you’d like to do, but hopefully it will include some behavioral changes you want to embrace as well, as that’s where the greatest successes start to happen.

Place it on your wall, on your bed post, by your computer screen, on your mirror…wherever you want–any of those places or ALL of them. Just make sure you place it where you’ll see it.

And start watching things happen. It’s awesome!

Have any of you ever done a VB before? If so, please share how it worked for you, and any tips you may have..

But whether you have or not, please comment below, we’d LOVE to hear what you’re cooking up out there! Let us know where you are hanging your vision board, share what you’ve put on it if you’d like, whatever you feel like sharing. We can’t wait to hear from you.

We love you guys…we honor the divinity within you!


Laurie & Tiffany

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