want to be more happy?

Want to be More Happy?

want to be more happy?


If you want to be more happy, we have some thoughts that just may help…

So just what is it that makes us all happier? Could it be the things we’re constantly reaching for in our lives…

Like riches, fame, and lots of things maybe?

Or maybe not.  (argh–are you kiddding??! )

What if, just maybe… the very things we’re seeking are actually getting in the way of our happiness?


Okay, let’s talk about the ways we can be more happy.  In my work, I’ve gotten to know several actors who’ve won oscars, which is the ultimate goal of many who never quite get close to them. But it’s really interesting to talk with them after the fanfare dies down and life comes crushing in.  I’ve actually been told that winning the oscar led to nothing but heartbreak afterward.

And I’ve worked with people with huge amounts of money, so their lives were perfect and they just flitted around happily, right?  Not at all.  They fought some horrific battles, illnesses, heartbreak and in many cases were afraid of who they could trust.


So if the very things we spend our lives reaching for aren’t the means to ultimate happiness, what is?

According to a University of Louisville, Kentucky Study, the more we participate in meaningful activities, specifically in helping others, the happier we will be and we will feel more purpose in our lives.

This study concluded that the subjects of their study became happier after they performed acts of kindness, suggesting that happiness does, in fact, come as a result of doing good things.

Cool.  So where do we start?

How ’bout, just start right where we are.  We all get those moments when we think of someone momentarily or have a quick thought to do something to help someone.  So what if we just dive in and follow those impressions?  Make a phone call, drop by, or just do whatever it is we were moved to do.  We believe great things will happen.  Really.

I’m going to give it a try and invite you to join me :_)

Please feel free to share your experiences below or on our Facebook Page we can’t wait to hear how happy you feel when you act on those little acts of kindness 🙂


To better health, inside & out!


Laurie & TIffany


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