On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary Weeks

What I learned on set today will forever change my heart

I’ve kept a diary ever since I was 10 years old. If I were to write an entry for what I experienced today, it would go something like this…

What I learned on set today would forever change my heart

DEAR DIARY…. What I learned on set today will forever change my heart. We were filming a music video  – “Beautiful Heartbreak,” with Hilary Weeks, and wow. I had no idea how it would impact my life.

Hilary is possibly one of the cutest things on this planet!  You know how some people just draw you in and you feel an instant connection–sort of like long lost soul mates or something? Yeah. Well that was Hilary all the way. I seriously fell in love with her and felt so blessed that our paths could connect.  

I try not to follow any celebrities at all. I purposely know nothing about any of them so that when I work with them I’m not dying of awkwardness. But it’s not just me, I feel like I owe it to them to give them a safe place, where they can share what they want, be who they are, and be loved and accepted for who they are instead of for what they’ve done.

So, for me, I never knew Hilary Weeks, or her music at all, and had no expectations at when we did our first shoot together (the cover above). But she is truly a person who shares her heart and really means it.  And she is one of the most positive people I’ve ever met too.  

So yes, the cover shoot was a wonderful experience and a lot of fun to work on and when they called me back about doing the music video with her, I was happy to clear my calendar to make it happen.  And I guess that time I knew her and had expectations, but I had no idea the effect this “job” would have upon me.

There’s so much more to share…but first, here is the finished video. I know you’re going to love it:

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary Weeks

You know how some experiences sink so deeply into your heart that you hope they’ll never leave?  Today’s shoot did that for me, on so many levels…. and I can’t stop thinking about it–

Today started out like any other day.  I prepped my gear and loaded my car and headed up to a beautiful mountain location.  I was afraid it might be cold, so I wore long layers and Uggs (big mistake, lol)  Let’s just say it got hot! 

Here are some pictures as we were getting Hilary ready….

What I learned on set today would forever change my heart

Her cute hairstylist’s name is Dani–so adorable!  I met Dani when we worked together on Every Step, so by now we were old friends, ha! 🙂

We laughed and gabbed about silly girly things as we tortured her with glamour and glitz.

What I learned on set today would forever change my heart

One random conversation we had was…”What do you say to someone who’s struggling?” Hilary’s thought was to just talk about your feelings, rather than to try to advise or anything.  I totally don’t know why our conversation went there, but her words would come back to me in a few hours time….

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary Weeks

Touch-ups just before stepping on set, cute Kim, Hilary, Dani and me (hiding under my big hat, of course 🙂

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary Weeks

I have to admit, this was the first time I had heard Hilary sing or play. So when she played and sang on that hillside today, something very magnetic happened to everyone there. It was spectacular. And then,

I listened to the words. Oh gosh.

“Beautiful Heartbreak” was written by Hilary and Tyler Castleton.  It was beyond touching.  It was about the painful struggle of a heartbreak, then realizing the struggle was actually a beautiful gift. It’s really a powerful song and I was moved to tears repeatedly throughout the day.

Then extras started showing up.  The extras for this shoot weren’t handpicked at all, just random invites.  I think we had around 20-30 altogether.

On Set, Beautiful Heartbreak, with Hilary WeeksAfter the extras got there, the director asked them to take one of the blank poster boards (above) and write a heartbreak in their lives that they had overcome.  

I started walking through the group and found a few featured extras to touch up.  As I did, I looked at their boards and could hardly say a word.

“Share your feelings” came back to me and I quietly asked a few questions about their experiences.  As we talked, I couldn’t help but feel a special bond toward each person there.  I just shared my feelings about those heartbreaks and walked away. I didn’t know a heart could be so full. Those people had been total strangers to me just a few minutes earlier.  I was touched by their attitudes, their strength and sweet honesty.

Next, we lined them up in front of the cameras and tender feelings overwhelmed me once again. I saw each of these people holding their trials for the world to see.  Each of their trials were huge. 

I think that is what shocked me the most. How is it that each of those random extras could have suffered so much heartache? The death of a child, a parent, a sibling, cancer, a burn victim, two beautiful teenage girls who had lost their dad in an airplane accident, and so much more.  It was pretty heart wrenching to think of the struggles they each had endured.

These “strangers”wove a place in my heart.  Then it hit me how everywhere we go, people are dealing with hard struggles of every kind, and we just don’t know it.  We’re all in this together, but we don’t see it.  

What if people carried signs all the time? Would we suddenly see them as real people with real pain and real agony?  Suddenly we would know no strangers. We would let so many more people into our lives and learn and grow so much more, right?  I think we would have so much more compassion and feel so much more love in our hearts. And all the “little things” that weigh us down wouldn’t have so much power over us.  We’d see the big picture so much more clearly.

I’m so grateful for this day and for the powerful realizations that came with it. 

During the shoot, a woman passed out, and smack her head on a concrete driveway.  The paramedics came and it was intense.  We were all worried, but I could see Hilary agonize over the comfort and safety of this woman.  It turned out to be okay, but it’s those stressful moments that bring out what lies within a person’s heart.  Hilary’s is obviously full of compassion.  I love that girl to pieces!  I love working with her, and feel really inspired by her presence.

I loved today’s crew, loved my girls (Dani & Kim) loved our extras, and everything.  If there ever was a real Groundhog day, this is the one I would choose!  What I learned on set today will forever change my heart

Please share your comments if you can–we love to hear from you, in fact, I’d also love to hear of your own trials and triumphs!  love you guys–you’re awesome!!!

Listen to “Beautiful Heartbreak” — so inspiring.

Thanks for reading!


Laurie & TIffany

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  1. Michele
    Michele says:

    I have been so touched time and again by this video. Today after sharing it with my 7 y.o. daughter, I decided to google the history behind it, and so, here I am. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts through this blog. What you experienced that day shows through in the video. So much heartache we believe is painful and too much to endure, ends up being a great blessing because of what strength we gain by the endurance it takes to get there. I know this because I have experienced many painful trials in my life, none of which I would trade or change now that I am who I am because of them. Where else would I recieve such a knowledge of God’s existance or the love of his son who is our Savior. Beautiful post. XOXO!

    • be a knockout naturally!
      be a knockout naturally! says:

      Thank you so much for sharing Michele, your words were so beautifully written. It’s so true, and that’s so sweet that you shared that video with your daughter. If we could understand the value of those difficult trials at an early age, our lives would be so blessed! I think of how many times I asked Heavenly Father to take them away, not realizing the blessings and growth that would come as I faced each trial. It’s such an amazing feeling to see a trial now, and to appreciate it, even in the moment, and to be grateful for I know that so much good is yet to come. Thanks again, we really appreciate your comment. xo


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