natural remedies for healthy hair

Why doesn’t my shampoo work anymore? + TIPS by Hair Stylists

natural remedies for healthy hair


Why doesn’t my shampoo work anymore?  + TIPS by Hair Stylists and how to get beautiful, flowing hair!

We recently had a tweet from one of our followers, Sara, who felt like her hair had become too used to the shampoo she was using.  She asked for our recommendations for a different option. Of course, we have something to say about that.

NATURAL PRODUCTS ARE A MUST – Just like Sara, you may have initially loved the switch over to natural, organic, or safe products– but what happens after your hair starts to get used to that wonderfully “clean” product (which has been stripped of sulphates, preservatives, and what we believe to be toxic fillers) and NOW the good stuff doesn’t seem to be working either? Keep reading…

1. MOISTURIZING THE HAIR – we currently like Giovanni Shampoo, which does a great job, moisturizing the hair.

SIDE NOTE: You may have noticed we’ve omitted DermOrganics Morrocan Oil from our post. We did love their shampoo and conditioner, but were under the understanding that the fragrance in their products was “safe”. Upon recent attempts to contact them, asking about how safe the Parfum/fragrance is, they have not responded. Uh oh–so for now we would take caution and turn to better, safe options. It also won’t hurt for you to start pestering them too–we’ve found that company’s respond when enough pressure is applied.

The problem with using just one shampoo and conditioner, no matter what you use, is that it only fills one purpose.  Hair is mostly made up of protein, but will always need adequate moisture added to it.  We recommend using a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner often, and feel that these ones definitely are great options.

Another way to add moisture to the hair is through DEEP CONDITIONING. I will often take a good moisturizing conditioner, and apply it to dry hair, then lock it in, by adding a healthy oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, almond, jojoba oil, or even coconut oil. Just slather it on, and leave it in the hair for 15 minutes. Then shampoo it out in the shower.  Some people will love the results so much that they will do this every time they shampoo, but are soon disappointed with the heaviness of the hair. So I would only recommend this treatment, once a week to once a month, depending upon your hair.

Natural Shampoos and Conditioners, reviews by Hair stylists

2. CLEAN THE HAIR – with continual use of a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, a good cleaning and gentle stripping shampoo becomes important, in order to remove excess buildup and oils that begin to build up and weigh down the hair.  Andalou Healthy Shine Shampoo works great to provide that cleansing that is needed at least once a week to keep the hair from becoming too heavy and weighted and to bring back the shine. If hair is more oily, it may be needed more often or could even be altered with every other washing.

Natural Shampoos, Conditioners + great tips! reviews by Hair Stylists

3. USE A WATER FILTER IN YOUR SHOWER. You may not have even thought of this one, but believe it or not, this is a must for softer, bouncier, healthier hair and improved skin too! We recently received this  Jonathan Shower Purification System from the manufacturer and weren’t sure what to think. I honestly thought it looked a little cheap, but handed it to my hubby and he installed it in less than 5 minutes.

Still hesitant, I stepped into the shower, but have to admit, I really love it!  The head releases the perfect rainfall of water, which I really liked, but the after effects were even more impressive.  I would especially recommend it if your hair has lost it’s shine, or seems limp, brittle, or lifeless, or for those suffering with skin irritations of any kind. It reduces harmful toxins, while enhancing the hair and skin’s pH balance. It has been shown to reduce chlorine by 91%! We just redid 2 bathrooms in our house and replaced sink faucets that cost more than the retail cost of this shower head.. but the difference this can make is unbelievable!

Baking soda and vinegar for hair


This is a question we get asked about often. We’d actually love to stamp a big huge WARNING sign on this thought. We believe it to be one of those “internet wivestales” that you may have seen on a site or two, stating those are good for your hair.  We strongly disagree, and feel that they can be too stripping and could cause damage to the hair, especially when used repeatedly or often.  The hair needs to stay within a safe pH balance and these items are too acidic and/or alkaline and actually take the hair to the extreme ends of the pH scale, which can be extremely damaging and can promote brittleness and breakage, by literally blowing out the cuticle of the hair. They also do nothing to nurture the hair and provide no moisture, nor protein, which is what makes the hair thrive. So put those items down, and stick with natural and safe products, formulated to clean, strengthen, and moisturize the hair without harming it at all.   IMAGE

natural shampoos & conditioners, reviews by hair stylists

4. ADD PROTEIN TO THE HAIR:  Moisture alone, isn’t enough for hair to be at it’s most optimal, healthy state.  It also needs protein.  Because hair is naturally protein rich, a good protein conditioner is essential and should be used once a week, for most people.

Giovanni has a nice Protein Reconditioning Treatment that we really like a lot.  Too much protein  can be problematic for the hair, so remember that a little goes a long way and not to apply deep packs of protein longer than 15 minutes. But properly applied, hair will respond immediately and well to added protein.

5. AIR DRY AND MINIMIZE HEAT  The hair will always improve when we can protect it by reducing the amount of heat we apply to it.  Whenever possible, give it a break and let it air dry. We also have a great video that shows a simple way to get beautiful waves without any heat.  Enjoy!

Here is another video on Tiffany’s Healthy Hair routine:

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, Natural Shampoos, Conditioners + TIPS and reviews by Hair Stylists, and that these simple steps to caring for the hair can make a world of difference for you!  Let us know your thoughts and let’s bring back the shine and healthy condition of your hair, naturally!


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