You Dropped Your WHAT?

You Dropped Your WHAT? This is SOO FUNNY! :)

fRiDaY FuN & fEeLiNgS! xo


Kids say the funniest things!

And thank goodness, because laughing is not only one an incredible way to get some exercise (tightens and firms stomach) but it also has the power to reverse the effects of aging, change your day, and improve your outlook. Get over yourself and BE HAPPY!! No matter what is happening in life, don’t let it have the power to take your smile and sense of humor away. Happiness is SO worth it, because YOU are worth it! 🙂

You Dropped Your WHAT? This is SOO FUNNY!

Be Happy, it’s contagious.

Be thankful, it’s uplifting.

Be you. It’s beautiful!

Enjoy this video and we hope we helped put a smile on your face. If so, it felt good, didn’t it? Now go and have a wonderful day–we LOVE YOU!!

Please share your thoughts, we love hearing from you!! 🙂


Laurie & Tiffany

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