Hair Removal

An IPL hair removal device is essentially a DIY version of laser treatment that is highly effective, leaving you with visibly reduced regrowth. An alternative to spending money, time, and energy reducing unwanted body hair at a salon is to conduct hair removal from the comfort of your own house.

Exfoliating before beginning laser hair removal is a good idea because it speeds up the hair loss process and removes dead hairs from the skin. Change the entire treatment process by using a skin brush device to do the work for you.

KENZZI IPL Hair Removal Handset

BoSidin Painless Permanent Hair Removal Device

The Bosidin Permanent Hair Removal Device includes six customised skincare modes, each of which is designed to precisely target a different area of the body, as well as the latest generation of Optimal Pulse Technology, which combines the benefits of laser and IPL technology with a perfect blend of energy level and wavelength to maximise the benefits of both.

Throughout the thermal relaxation phase, this gadget continually emits mild light pulses. As a result, heat builds up at the root, effectively inhibiting hair development while minimising damage to surrounding tissue. As pulsed light is released onto the skin, dynamic cooling generates a cooling sensation, guaranteeing that hair removal is totally painless.

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL

The Philips Lumea Prestige is a painless, at-home IPL system with a variety of innovative features that set it apart from the competition. It’s the only IPL machine from Philips that can be used both wirelessly and wired. This is particularly handy if you want to IPL in front of a mirror but don’t have access to a plug outlet.

The Prestige comes with three clever attachments that fit and adjust to each body area to offer a customised treatment regimen. An attachment is included for accurate application to the upper lip, chin, or jawline. The filter automatically adjusts the light therapy for more sensitive skin, making it mild but effective. There’s also a body filter with a curved, contour-following design for rapid treatment on big body regions including legs, arms, and stomach, as well as an underarm and bikini filter for treating tougher, thicker hair.

Homiley Crystal Skin IPL Hair Removal

Homiley’s IPL Hair Removal is a home laser hair removal device that provides you a smooth skin hair removal procedure providing a simple alternative to professional hair removal from the comfort of your home. The device works by removing hair follicles and is completely safe for all users, including beginners.

It offers 5 energy levels that may be adjusted to accommodate diverse skin sensitivities for effective hair removal. The better the effect of hair removal, the higher the level, the stronger the strength. An Instant 180-degree Skin Rejuvenation light is included. Because of its capacity to help remove bacteria that cause acne, the Homiley is quite helpful at minimising acne breakouts.

It is light, portable, and compact, and it can simply fold and fit into a tiny bag, making it ideal for travel.